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Near the end of the summer of 2012 our precious 7 y.o. greyt boy Slick began slightly limping on our short walks over the rough asphalt road in our neighborhood. To try and ease his discomfort I searched for dog booties to protect his paws. I purchased a variety of many fine quality dog booties----none of which fit his fabulously unique greyhound foot! As I watched our boy’s limp increase, I finally declared “I can make booties for him!” I measured Slick’s paws. Then, with an old sheet in hand I began designing, cutting and sewing dog bootie after dog bootie after dog bootie! Slick patiently modeled all my fabrications and then re-modeled the re-fabrications! After hours of product research, I finally had booties for our first walk on the rough asphalt. Slick, of course, displayed the drama that only a greyhound can conjure when a dog bootie is put on his foot! He persisted with his award winning drama routine for about 3 days and then gave up due to our lack of interest. In time Slick accepted the booties as part of our daily “walk” routine. He would actually lift each paw in anticipation of the dog bootie being put onto his foot. Throughout this entire project of love Slick truly amazed me with his unending patience and willingness to endure the lengthy design process. His ultimate acceptance and participation in the daily donning of his booties left me in awe of just how special he was! Are greyhounds incredible or what! I threw myself into this project with only one objective---to create greyhound booties that fit Slick’s feet! Since greyhounds own my heart Slick and I would like to share our booties. My website presents greyhound booties with a universal greyt fit designed exclusively for greyhounds to provide comfort and protection. Sadly the afternoon of November 8th, 2012, the angels came and abruptly took Slick from us. This project is now his legacy. The website and booties are dedicated to Slick who was my inspiration and model. Slick hopes that his fellow greyhounds will like his booties!

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