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Merlyn -

A very kind bootie buyer in Wilmington, Delaware has graciously allowed me to share a picture of her beautiful Merlyn.  Doesn’t she (Merlyn) look fabulous in her Cordura booties!

My thanks to Merlyn’s human for allowing me to post this photo.

Merlyn is modeling 2 cordura booties in red that have the black OneWrap Velcro closure.  At the same time she is also modeling 2 cordura booties in black that feature the red hook and loop closure system.  Merlyn’s human states that when putting the booties on Merlyn I reach for the regular hook and loop Velcro more often.  It is easier to work with, leaves a “tab” to grab onto, and is more flexible, allowing a closer fit for the bootie.  Although, just for “looks” I think the one wrap is more attractive.

Ultimately her conclusion is that personal preference combined with what the intended use is for the bootie will probably help determine the bootie closure choice.

Merlyn wears her booties for protection from pesticides on lawns in the summer and the salt used for de-icing in the winter.