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“Suggested” Bootie Washing Instructions

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Diane and Zaria of California shared the follow suggested washing instructions for booties.   A kind thanks to                                           Diane and Zaria!!

– Remove booties

– Spray inside with a stain lifter like “shout” or a freshener like “febreeze”.  (Optional)

– Secure Velcro straps (see picture #1)

– Put booties inside pillowcase and tie with a hair tie or sturdy rubber band

– Put in washing machine on gentle or regular cycle using warm or cold water with laundry detergent

– After washing, remove and hang dry (see picture #2)

Bootie Washing Instructions #1Bootie Washing Instruction #2Zaria of California

***A note of caution!

Booties are not guaranteed/replaced if damaged during any washing machine cycle.  If in doubt about machine washing you can hand wash the booties with Dawn detergent and a soft brush to tend those tough spots!