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Cosmo’s Story

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Many thanks to Joel and Emily for sharing Cosmo’s story.  Give your hound(s) a big hug.

About Cosmo and our search for booties…

Cosmo turned six at the end of May.  As with most Greyhounds, he really loves to run.  We used to go on a daily bike ride and Cosmo would run alongside, tongue flopping in the wind and wearing an expression of pure joy.  About two and a half years ago, he was running in a field and injured his right biceps tendon.  He was treated with a Platelet Rich Plasma injection and after about six months of recuperation, he was mostly back to normal.  Then, about a year ago, he started limping on walks.  Our walks got shorter but the limping continued to get worse.  We’ve spent the last ten months taking Cosmo to PT and trying various different therapies (Ultrasound, Shockwave, and Acupressure), but nothing has given him lasting improvement.  For the last year, he’s almost always been limping by the end of a 10-15 minute walk.  We were really encouraged after reading about Slick’s bootie experience as it sounded very much like what Cosmo is dealing with.  The booties arrived four days ago.  Cosmo has not given us any trouble putting them on.  He seems to have already adjusted to the change in our getting ready for a walk process.  He walks like he’s trying to step out of the booties or run away from them, but otherwise seems to accept them.  To out delight, he hasn’t limped at all since he started wearing his booties.  He’s even started urging us to go faster.  We’re very excited to see a positive change after such a short period of time!


Joel and Emily


I appreciate your business!

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The sewing machine is stitching and booties are being made.  My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported my small business.  Hug your hounds!

“Suggested” Bootie Washing Instructions

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Diane and Zaria of California shared the follow suggested washing instructions for booties.   A kind thanks to                                           Diane and Zaria!!

– Remove booties

– Spray inside with a stain lifter like “shout” or a freshener like “febreeze”.  (Optional)

– Secure Velcro straps (see picture #1)

– Put booties inside pillowcase and tie with a hair tie or sturdy rubber band

– Put in washing machine on gentle or regular cycle using warm or cold water with laundry detergent

– After washing, remove and hang dry (see picture #2)

Bootie Washing Instructions #1Bootie Washing Instruction #2Zaria of California

***A note of caution!

Booties are not guaranteed/replaced if damaged during any washing machine cycle.  If in doubt about machine washing you can hand wash the booties with Dawn detergent and a soft brush to tend those tough spots!

Meet Champ!

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FullSizeRender (9)

He had a front toe amputated. Champ’s toe is healing nicely. He models his bootie while he takes his human for a stroll. Thanks to Champ’s human for sharing pictures of such a handsome boy.


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image1 (3)

Beautiful Ace weathering the snowy Northeast winter.  

My thanks to Ace’s human for sharing this wonderful picture!


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Merlyn -

A very kind bootie buyer in Wilmington, Delaware has graciously allowed me to share a picture of her beautiful Merlyn.  Doesn’t she (Merlyn) look fabulous in her Cordura booties!

My thanks to Merlyn’s human for allowing me to post this photo.

Merlyn is modeling 2 cordura booties in red that have the black OneWrap Velcro closure.  At the same time she is also modeling 2 cordura booties in black that feature the red hook and loop closure system.  Merlyn’s human states that when putting the booties on Merlyn I reach for the regular hook and loop Velcro more often.  It is easier to work with, leaves a “tab” to grab onto, and is more flexible, allowing a closer fit for the bootie.  Although, just for “looks” I think the one wrap is more attractive.

Ultimately her conclusion is that personal preference combined with what the intended use is for the bootie will probably help determine the bootie closure choice.

Merlyn wears her booties for protection from pesticides on lawns in the summer and the salt used for de-icing in the winter.

We have a new greyt boy…

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DSCF1968 (1024x768)Once again we have opened our hearts and home to the incomparable presence of a greyhound.  Just seeing those beautiful eyes peering back at us has proven that our house without a greyt is simply not our home.

Smiley is a very shy and skittish boy—and not yet three years old!  It will take time for him to understand our home, our routine and the magnitude of our love.  He is struggling with the stairs.  Sometimes he reacts like a bucking bronco at the mere sight of staircase.  Soon the stairs and all the other scary sights and sounds will be a distant memory.  Time will gradually bring those wonderful moments of step by step acceptance of his new home and our love.

Our thanks to Friends of Retired Greyhounds for introducing us to Smiley.  There is nothing to compare with the love and magic of a greyhound!

Extend the life of your greyhound booties!

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If your hound has created wear and tear on a certain part of the dog bootie you can use Shoe Goo® to reinforce that area.  If you know where the wear will usually occur you can reinforce a brand new dog bootie with Shoe Goo®.

So remember – Use Shoe Goo® to extend the life of any dog bootie!!

Welcome to our Website!

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The website is live and our products are ready to be sold!!  YEAH!!

It has been a long and strenuous journey getting to a website to sell the products.  The loss of Slick added an urgency and a momentum that made me anxious about the greyhound booties and impatient with getting the dog booties on the market.  Along the way I have met some marvelous people who have reached out to help me with my business acumen as well as my sewing savvy.  I have also met many more folks dedicated to the hounds who were excited about the product and offered solace about Slick. To all those folks who listened so patiently and offered support for this journey I say thank you.  My husband has helpled–mostly by watching but always supporting. My daughter has been beside me every step of the way.  Without her this project would never have found wings.  Thank you all.  Now lets get some booties on those greyt feet!!

Please visit us on FaceBook and share your hound photos!!