Cosmo’s Story

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Many thanks to Joel and Emily for sharing Cosmo’s story.  Give your hound(s) a big hug.

About Cosmo and our search for booties…

Cosmo turned six at the end of May.  As with most Greyhounds, he really loves to run.  We used to go on a daily bike ride and Cosmo would run alongside, tongue flopping in the wind and wearing an expression of pure joy.  About two and a half years ago, he was running in a field and injured his right biceps tendon.  He was treated with a Platelet Rich Plasma injection and after about six months of recuperation, he was mostly back to normal.  Then, about a year ago, he started limping on walks.  Our walks got shorter but the limping continued to get worse.  We’ve spent the last ten months taking Cosmo to PT and trying various different therapies (Ultrasound, Shockwave, and Acupressure), but nothing has given him lasting improvement.  For the last year, he’s almost always been limping by the end of a 10-15 minute walk.  We were really encouraged after reading about Slick’s bootie experience as it sounded very much like what Cosmo is dealing with.  The booties arrived four days ago.  Cosmo has not given us any trouble putting them on.  He seems to have already adjusted to the change in our getting ready for a walk process.  He walks like he’s trying to step out of the booties or run away from them, but otherwise seems to accept them.  To out delight, he hasn’t limped at all since he started wearing his booties.  He’s even started urging us to go faster.  We’re very excited to see a positive change after such a short period of time!


Joel and Emily



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