Cordura® Bootie – One Strap ( $6.35each )


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Product Description

Please note that price shown above is per bootie.         Greyhound organization donation box is located on      the checkout page.

Greyhound Bootie is made of 1000D Cordura® which is a rugged and durable nylon coated fabric of superior strength.  It is water resistant and holds up well to tears, scuffing and abrasion.  These booties would provide greyt protection on those off the beaten path hikes!  Commercial applications include backpacks and luggage.

Choose Hook & Loop or OneWrap closure/fastener for the bootie:

  • Hook and Loop:  Each bootie has 1 hook and loop closure.   The hook and loop strip is 1″ wide.
  • OneWrap:   Each bootie has a 1″ wide OneWrap closure.  One-Wrap® Velcro is a unique back-to-back fastening system.  When the strap is wrapped around the bootie, the strap actually attaches to itself without buckles or hardware.

Choose Toughtek or Slip-Not for your bootie toe/sole cover:

  • Toughtek is a knit fabric coated with rubber.  The material is non-skid, water resistant, scuff and abrasion resistant and holds up well on sidewalks and rough terrain.
  • Slip-Not is a polyester backed fabric that holds up well to abrasive surfaces.  The non-skid quality provides grip in wet and dry conditions.  The surface of Slip-Not Black has a sand paper feel and appearance.  Slip-Not Dotted-Black has a dotted texture which is similar to the Toughtek-Nubby

Sizing Info

With the dog standing on firm flooring (ex: hardwood floor) slide a piece of paper under the greyhound’s front foot. Make sure the greyhound is standing firmly on the piece of paper. Mark on the left and right side of the greyhound’s foot at the WIDEST part of the foot. Be sure that you are tracing as close to the sides of the pads as possible to get the truest measurement. This will be the width of your greyhound’s foot.

Next mark the front most part of the greyhound’s foot (this must include the toenails). Then mark the back most part of the foot. Be sure that you are tracing as close to the toenails and back pad as possible to get the truest measurement. The back of the foot will be the back end of the back pad on the foot. This will be the length of your greyhound’s foot.

From the markings on the paper use a ruler to determine the length and width of your greyhound’s foot.

A medium sized bootie generally fits the greyhound foot with a width of 1-3/4” to 2” and a length of 2-3/4” to 3-1/4”.

A large sized bootie generally fits the greyhound foot with a width of 2” to 2-1/4” and a length of 3-1/4“ to 3-3/4“.

*All booties are designed for a universal fit based on the sizing information above. Booties are not a custom fit. Should you need a “custom fit” bootie, please contact us to assist you with your needs.