We have a new greyt boy…

Written by : Posted on April 30, 2013 : No Comments

DSCF1968 (1024x768)Once again we have opened our hearts and home to the incomparable presence of a greyhound.  Just seeing those beautiful eyes peering back at us has proven that our house without a greyt is simply not our home.

Smiley is a very shy and skittish boy—and not yet three years old!  It will take time for him to understand our home, our routine and the magnitude of our love.  He is struggling with the stairs.  Sometimes he reacts like a bucking bronco at the mere sight of staircase.  Soon the stairs and all the other scary sights and sounds will be a distant memory.  Time will gradually bring those wonderful moments of step by step acceptance of his new home and our love.

Our thanks to Friends of Retired Greyhounds for introducing us to Smiley.  There is nothing to compare with the love and magic of a greyhound!


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