Welcome to our Website!

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The website is live and our products are ready to be sold!!  YEAH!!

It has been a long and strenuous journey getting to a website to sell the products.  The loss of Slick added an urgency and a momentum that made me anxious about the greyhound booties and impatient with getting the dog booties on the market.  Along the way I have met some marvelous people who have reached out to help me with my business acumen as well as my sewing savvy.  I have also met many more folks dedicated to the hounds who were excited about the product and offered solace about Slick. To all those folks who listened so patiently and offered support for this journey I say thank you.  My husband has helpled–mostly by watching but always supporting. My daughter has been beside me every step of the way.  Without her this project would never have found wings.  Thank you all.  Now lets get some booties on those greyt feet!!

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